Lower School

Upon entering the PCDS Lower School campus, you might first encounter our hummingbird friends.  These delightful creatures have become an integral part and reflection of our Lower School community.  When we stop to notice the hummingbirds outside of the classrooms and throughout the garden, we see the beauty and wonder that a single moment can hold. These brave little birds remind us that size is not a measure of courage, and they empower us to take risks and follow our curiosities. They teach us to savor our moments with each other, as they are fleeting; most of all, they remind us to slow down so that we notice the joy that life offers to us each and every day.  The extraordinary Lower School teachers and students embrace and guard these opportunities, which embody the philosophy of our Lower School that values the education of the whole child.

Within classrooms, interactions are respectful, compassionate and authentic.  The academic environment is one in which students are supported by exceptional teachers, who create environments which allow students to engage with concepts and ideas, and create their own knowledge through curiosity, inquiry, stimulating engagement and collaboration.

Community is a most highly valued focus of every day.  All members of the Lower School community - parents, teachers, and administrators - are focused on providing students with an education that will prepare all students for the world in which they live, while still protecting the joy that they so rightly deserve.

“Parents and teachers working together can construct: a new culture of childhood, a new culture of education, a new culture of being women and men, a new culture of families, a new culture of being a citizen of the world.” —Amelia Gambetti, Reggio Children International Network Coordinator and Liaison for Consultancy in Schools