Middle School

The Middle School at Phoenix Country Day School is a place where students are building a foundation that will lead students to discover their unique passions and prepare them for their future.  With an emphasis on rigorous academics, small classes with personal attention, and exceptional teachers who are nationally recruited experts in their field, the Middle School encourages and guides each student to become a unique individual.  The Middle School program challenges students to think creatively, to learn through active participation, and to understand their roles as members of our community and the larger community they will enter as adults.

Middle School students at PCDS trust and respect their teachers because their teachers trust and respect them.  They recognize that these relationships are the heart and soul of their school and their education.  As a result, students develop a meaningful love of learning.  Throughout their Middle School experience, students are inspired to explore new interests, take risks, and become independent thinkers.

By the time students finish their Middle School career, they will have become responsible for their own learning; they will have gained an appreciation for their strengths and weaknesses; they will be excited about discovering their place in the world.