Portrait of a Middle School Graduate

The Middle School faculty has spent the past year in meetings working to define what it means to be a PCDS Middle School graduate. Besides faculty input, Middle School students were asked for their thoughts and the words that they felt defined their experience in the Middle School. A broad based Middle School committee then took these thoughts and words and completed the Portrait of a Middle School Graduate below.

We are Middle School Graduates of Phoenix Country Day School.

Discovering our passions and preparing for our futures.

We are learning about ourselves.

We are compassionate, honest, and resilient individuals. We are becoming independent and responsible for our own learning. We can face challenges and fears because we know that we will learn from our mistakes. Through these experiences, we are beginning to appreciate our strengths and shortcomings. We strive for our personal best and are proud of our accomplishments.

We are learning that we are part of a whole.

We love our families, cherish our friends, and make new friends easily. We trust and respect our teachers because they trust and respect us. We laugh together. We cry together. We dream together. We recognize that these relationships are the heart and soul of our school. We are also aware of the larger environment around us. We appreciate the earth’s diversity and treasure its resources. We understand our place in the world and are discovering ways that we can make a positive impact on it.

We are learning how to think.

We are curious and interested in many subjects. We know how to ask questions and how to ask for help. We can open our minds, listen to others, and make informed decisions. We are beginning to think on our feet and solve problems creatively. We are learning how to express ourselves clearly and confidently. We stand up for what we believe in and defend our positions because we know that what we think matters.

We are learning through action.

We love learning and having fun. We feel inspired to explore new things and discover our passions. We enjoy designing class projects, presenting onstage, creating art, making music, competing on the fields, and contributing to local and international communities. We are well-rounded students who are able to impress others with the knowledge and experiences we have gained. We are prepared to become leaders and make a difference in the world. We are Middle School graduates of Phoenix Country Day School, and we are ready for the journey ahead.