Portrait of a Lower School Graduate

Lower School faculty spent the 2014-15 school year reflecting on what it means to be a PCDS Lower School graduate. A committee of Lower School faculty members used the thoughts and language gleaned from this exercise to guide them in crafting our Portrait of a Lower School Graduate.

We are Lower School Graduates of Phoenix Country Day School.

In the Lower School, we learn to evolve from individuals with one purpose to become integral parts of a whole. To that end, we leave Lower School as authentic individuals, inspired learners, and compassionate members of our community.

We are individuals.

We are joyful and mindful, which allows us to be reflective and see the beauty in each day. We are self-assured, resilient, and caring individuals. We value our well-being and make confident, responsible choices for ourselves.

We are learners.

We explore with wonder and seek to understand the world around us, through play and meaningful engagement. We are self-motivated and inquisitive learners, guided by our innate curiosity. We work collaboratively and individually with open-minds. We are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and active listeners. We are inspired to do our personal best and are proud of our accomplishments.

We are part of the PCDS community.

The relationships we create and maintain are the building blocks of our community. We respectfully communicate and interact with others. We are eager to share our unique talents and passions as a whole. We are empathetic and are able to embrace and value the diversity and unique qualities within our community.