Strategic Plan

Phoenix Country Day School Strategic PlanDear Phoenix Country Day School Families,

It has been a pleasure working with you again on a strategic plan for the School—a community I am privileged and proud to be a part of.

Throughout the year, the community was invited to reflect on where we are and where we must go in order to best teach, encourage, mentor, and develop our children. In our work, the committee met with individuals and groups collecting thoughts about the School, its strengths, and opportunities ahead. In addition to the meetings, constituents shared ideas in writing. On behalf of the 2014 Strategic Plan Steering Committee, our thanks to all who helped shape and inspire the outcomes.

In 2009, we identified six areas of focus—Program; Faculty/Coaches/Staff; Community; Facilities; Communications/Marketing; and Finances—all of which remained relevant to conversations in 2014. With those classifications as the framework, our intention this time was to identify action-oriented steps—the more specific objectives—to respond to the School’s needs going forward.

What became apparent through our work was the message you helped deliver: that we at PCDS continue to value and expect our students to think, create, collaborate, and live responsibly in all aspects of their school life. Learning never ends, and our greatest hope is that through our work together, your children will graduate with a passion for inquiry, reflection, and the characteristics of adaptability that the world will demand of them.

We have confidence that our updated strategic plan builds on the fundamentals of a PCDS education. We intend to enhance a student’s process of discovery as we adjust pedagogy and the student experience to the longer-term objectives of preparing leaders for the future. Facilities upgrades will play a prominent role in the agenda, as well as establishing a school-wide perspective on the educational process, marketing the school effectively to the broader Phoenix community, and strengthening our advancement efforts.

Phoenix Country Day School remains financially sound and institutionally strong with a nationwide reputation for excellence. But it is also a place we hold in partnership with the generations before us. We stand on the shoulders of others who thoughtfully shaped our character and standing. Just fifty-four years ago, Mae Sue Talley, new to Phoenix from the east coast, wondered if it was possible to build a really good school in her new community. The answer to her hopes is a resounding “Yes!”

So, as we move forward, we do so knowing that the promise, aspiration, and partnership spanning more than five decades—from founders to current families, students to graduates, local to national affiliations—most assuredly forges a unique level of success that will distinguish our school for generations to come.


Beverly Bradway Ax