Upper School

The PCDS Upper School is a stimulating place to be.  When students first step on campus, they are surrounded by the beautiful grounds and welcomed by our friendly community.  Students enjoy the culture of learning that permeates the environment and are eager to be active participants in their own learning. They are supported by caring and experienced faculty to meet high standards for working intensely in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.  Faculty are not only experts in their disciplines, but are passionate about what they do and conscientiously work to refine their practice to provide an engaging and relevant learning environment.  The small classes at PCDS allow faculty to regularly engage students in conversations about pursuing the path that celebrates their particular interests, talents and unique view of the world.

Students are also avidly involved in activities outside of the classroom. They have opportunities to further explore academic areas of interest by joining clubs such as robotics or speech and debate.  They participate in competitive sports programs and pursue endeavors in theater, music and the visual arts. Through students’ classroom and extracurricular interactions, important relationships are formed which extend beyond a student’s four years here.   Alumni returning to campus are greeted by faculty, staff, and coaches who are eager to hear about their accomplishments in college and beyond.

Recently, the teachers developed the idea of establishing a “Portrait of a PCDS Graduate” to best define the PCDS graduate. The four tenets that create that portrait are: The student is an individual; the student is part of a whole; the student is inclined to action; the student knows how to think. This portrait guides our work in ensuring that our program always provides students with the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential.