Individual Tax Credit Scholarships

There are two types of Individual Tax Credit Scholarships—the “Original” and the “Switcher” scholarships.  Below, please review some of the differences between each, as well as a list of some of the organizations granting these scholarships for this school year.

The “Original” Individual Tax Credit Scholarship

  • Who can receive an Individual Tax Credit Scholarship?

    Scholarships are available to any student attending a private school. Each STO sets its own application and eligibility requirements. Families must apply directly to the STO(s) for consideration. Please review each STO’s website carefully for individual application deadlines and requirements.

  • Who can contribute and claim the Individual Tax Credit?

    Anyone with a personal Arizona tax liability can make a contribution. The taxpayer can contribute (redirecting their tax liability) up to $1092 for a married couple filing a joint return, or $546 for a single filer (2017 tax year). Some STOs will allow contributors to nominate a student (not their own) to receive a scholarship. The nomination cannot be a condition of the contribution, as the STO is responsible for making awards; however, many STOs welcome recommendations.

The “Second” Individual Tax Credit Scholarship, a.k.a. “Switcher”

  • Who can receive a “Switcher” Tax Credit Scholarship?

A student is eligible if he/she meets one of the following criteria:

    • Is new to the private school, “switching” from public to private, having attended as a full-time student for at least 90 days of the prior school year; OR
    • Is entering the private school as a kindergarten student; OR
    • Has attended the private school and has previously received a “Switcher” Tax Credit Scholarship or a Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship. 
  • Who can contribute and claim the “Switcher” Tax Credit?

    Anyone with a personal Arizona tax liability, who has already contributed the maximum amount to the Original Individual Tax Credit Program, can contribute an additional $1085 as a married couple or $543 as a single filer (2017 tax year). Some STOs will allow nominations for scholarships; however, the potential recipient must meet the above qualifications to receive this type of scholarship.

School Tuition Organizations (STOs) offering these scholarships:

With any questions regarding the Arizona Tax Credit Scholarships, please contact Kristie Berg, Director of Financial Aid, at 602.955.8200, ext. 2228.