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Nick Firestone ‘84, P ‘20

Sam Garvin P ‘16, P ‘19, P ‘19

 “When asked to co-chair the campaign, I jumped at the chance. My daughter Annable is the 9th person in my family to attend PCDS and each of us has loved our experience here. PCDS has given us the memories and the foundation to succeed on our chosen paths. This is no accident; PCDS is a special place because of the amazing generosity of the families who have come before us. The school needs your help again and now is the time to help PCDS maintain its leadership position not just in the Valley, but nationally.” 

PCDS has been a special place for our three children who are all PCDS lifers. Because families before us had the foresight to buiild a world-class school, Rita and I feel we have the same responsibility to pay it forward. These new facilites and programs will bolster the infrastructure to keep PCDS at the forefront of PK-12 education nationwide. We hope that you will join us in supporting this important initiative. Whatever your interests, you can impact thousands of PCDS students for years to come.”

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