A Message From the Alumni Board President

Dear Fellow Eagles,

This is such a vibrant time to be involved at PCDS and I am honored to do so as the Alumni Board President. In my role, I am focused onbuilding and maintaining a passionate and diverse Board that engages our entire alumni community, 2200 strong, spanning the country and the globe. The Board supports and promotes the School in any way possible while engaging our Alumni in meaningful ways.

 Along those lines, I am particularly proud of one of the Board’s most exciting new initiatives: the launch of an Alumni Mentorship Program. This program will offer recent alums the opportunity to connect with more established Alumni with a focus on personal and career advancement.  Who better to help mentor our younger Alums as they move along in their careers than a fellow Eagle who came before them?  This also allows our more established Alumni to see how far PCDS has come and how the School continues to produce some of the most talented young people in the country.

 This brings me to the exciting opportunity that sits before us today, the THRIVE Campaign. Our Alumni may not think we are a part of this campaign, but we are – in fact, PCDS can’t do it without us. The THRIVE Campaign is about our whole community, it’s about engagement, and it’s ultimately about taking pride in who we are as a community of successful, productive, and yes, THRIVING members of our communities.  For many of us, those seeds were planted at PCDS  By expanding our minds, promoting critical thinking, testing our mettle, and instilling in us a respect for service to others, PCDS helped make all of us who we are today.  Alumni participation in the THRIVE Campaign is one more opportunity to set an example and maintain a level of excellence that the next generation of PCDS students will carry out. I invite your thoughts, comments and questions and look forward to seizing this wonderful opportunity with you all. 


Augustine Gomez ‘99

Alumni Board President