Arts Overview

In tandem with challenging academics and a strong athletics program, Phoenix Country Day School values the intellectual and creative growth that can be found within its robust Arts programs.  From the Pre-Kindergarten through the Upper School, our students are exposed to the arts in all of its forms, particularly through music, visual, and theatrical arts. 

The Arts at PCDS allows students to explore their creative sides, to think outside of the proverbial box, and to grow in their own methods of self-expression.  There are ample opportunities for performance and demonstration, from concert performances, visual arts installations around campus, and theatre productions, as well as frequent experiences engaging the arts in the greater Phoenix community, beyond campus.

While all students in the Lower School and Middle School take both music and visual art, students in the Upper School have an arts requirement that offers the opportunity to choose their arts courses, ranging from music, to theatre, to traditional and innovative visual arts classes.  Music options in the Middle and Upper School are divided between Jazz Band, Strings Ensemble, and Choir.

Annually, graduates from PCDS who have honed their skills in our Arts program choose to apply and enroll at many of the nation’s top arts programs in college.  Recent graduates are studying film at Chapman University and NYU, theatre at Carnegie Mellon University, visual arts at Parsons, the Pratt School of Design, and RISD.  Additionally, recent graduates who may not be majoring in the arts at the college level are also highly involved in productions during their college experiences, including improv at Stanford, a capella at Princeton, and photography at SMU.