Academics in Lower School

The Lower School program provides a exceptional educational experience for students in pre-k (4-year olds) through fourth grade. At the heart of the School’s philosophy and mission is a commitment to excellence in the academic, personal, and social development of the students. Lower School faculty and staff work closely together to create a nurturing environment with small classes and a challenging, comprehensive curriculum. With a solid foundation in traditional academic disciplines, the students develop and master skills and discover the joy of learning.

The core curriculum is enhanced by the study of music, art, science, physical education, technology, library science, and foreign language (Spanish). Specialists in each area work closely with the grade level teachers to create a rich and motivating program. Curriculum integration across subject disciplines strengthens the students’ knowledge and applications for learning.

At its heart, the Lower School community of students, teachers, and staff, each seek to support every child’s love of learning, the joy of exploration and discovery, and furthered knowledge of oneself and the world around them.  As Lower School students matriculate through our program and continue into the Middle School at PCDS, they do so with an academic and intellectual curiosity about the world and each other, poised with the skills to engage every challenge and continue to grow as individuals within a community.