First Grade

In first grade, small-group and project-based activities provide the foundation of a program that is designed to nurture the natural curiosity and love of learning in all children. Students engage in rich learning experiences, such as planting an organic garden during which they use to observe and investigate the growth of plants; students connect with the life experiences of early Native Americans and pioneers on the Oregon Trail; students study the Sonoran desert, research the plants and animals of our biome, and then pair non-fiction and fiction to create a story.  

Each day, children participate in small, guided-reading groups and many meaningful creative writing opportunities.  The literacy curriculum is enriched with technology tools that reinforce vocabulary development, grammar, and phonics. The students meet weekly with their Third Grade Reading Buddies for reading support, practice, and relationship building opportunities within our community.  Helping children build their lifelong love of reading is our goal.  

In math, an in-depth approach to problem solving fosters the social development of all children as they work cooperatively to develop critical thinking skills.  With an emphasis on application to daily life, children study a wide range of concepts, including the understanding and use of money, addition and subtraction strategies, exact time, measurement, geometry, and data collection and interpretation. 

First Grade

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Karen Bruntz

LS Teacher
B.A., University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Elementary Education
E.C.E.C., University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley, Early Childhood Education Certificate

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Linda Drate

LS Teacher
B.A., San Francisco State College, Elementary Education

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MaryKay Meyers

LS Teacher
B.S., University of Arizona, Education