Fourth Grade

The fourth grade program brings a new level of independence and responsibility to students’ daily routines. The development of communication skills, growth mindset, and greater self-confidence are nurtured and emphasized in the way that learners are encouraged to self-advocate and dialogue constructively and directly with their teachers. Cognitively guided instruction, critical thinking, and problem solving are emphasized across the curriculum. Organization, time management, and technology skills are cultivated through cross-curricular project-based learning units.

Building upon the literature studies of third grade, fourth graders delve into developing skills of literal and critical comprehension, and exploring literary themes. While students refine their presentation skills through a myriad of formats, including the study of current events, they develop their writing skills through direct practice and daily writing; students self-assess and peer-edit their narrative, expository, informative, and persuasive pieces.

In math, students explore and solidify their understandings of place value, multi-digit multiplication and division, volume, fractions, decimals, percents, data analysis, probability, measurement, and geometry.

Fourth Grade

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Shawn Ducusin

4th Grade Teacher
B.A., University of San Diego, Liberal Arts
M.A., San Diego State University, Curriculum and Instruction

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Joanna Wisniewska

LS Teacher
B.A., Arizona State University, Education - Early Childhood Teaching and Leadership