Phoenix Country Day School Kindergarten ProgramEach day in kindergarten is filled with learning through discovery and play.  Children explore their environment, receive individualized enrichment, and have opportunities to work with technology.

The kindergarten art studio allows children to continue their exploration of different mediums and processes in the visual arts as they connect with ideas and materials, collaborate with others, and explore, create, and express themselves in a way that makes personal sense to them. 

Children continue to develop their reading skills through a variety of phonemic-based activities, which encourage the integration of all sounds studied in pre-kindergarten and advance learners’ knowledge to the next level.  Writing is of particular focus in kindergarten, and instruction emphasizes the use of inventive spelling and the correct spelling of tricky words; an introduction to the correct use of capital letters and punctuation is also provided.  Small reading groups are used to meet the needs of children at all skill levels.

Math is taught using a hands-on approach incorporating Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) with a focus on number sense and problem solving.  Children keep problem-solving journals in which they communicate and document their thoughts and ideas. 


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Julie Fine

LS Teacher
B.A., University of Arizona, Elementary Education
M.Ed., Arizona State University, Curriculum and Instruction, Applied Behavior Analysis

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Pam Gagner

Kindergarten Teacher
B.Ed., Simon Fraser University, Elementary and Early Childhood

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Lynn Quartermaine

LS Teacher
B.Ed., Honors, Lancaster University, UK, Education, World Religions and Social Ethics

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Jaime Sheridan

Kindergarten Teacher
B.A., Arizona State University, Elementary Education