Phoenix Country Day School Pre-kindergarten Early Childhood ProgramThe pre-kindergarten program offers a learning environment and community that supports the children as active constructivists of their own knowledge. Emphasizing the importance of developing a positive self-concept and becoming independent members of their communities, the students learn while experiencing the magic at the heart of childhood on a daily basis. 

The pre-kindergarten art studio is an extraordinary place where children are introduced to different mediums and processes in the visual arts. The studio provides learners with opportunities to make meaning, connect with ideas and materials, collaborate with others, and to explore, create, and express themselves in ways that make personal sense to them. 

Our multi-modal phonics program, which is taught daily, introduces the children to the concept of sounds, how to write sounds, how to blend words, and how to write words in an integrated and interconnected way.  Children explore math in a way that builds upon their innate mathematical skills while creating a strong foundation for mathematical inquiry.  Elements of number sense and problem solving, shapes, patterning, and measurement are incorporated. Emergent exploration of the natural environment provides students with opportunities to engage in a way that is tangible and relevant to their lives.  Topics of learning have included ants, tree homes and their inhabitants, bees, ladybugs, and butterflies.


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Kelly Blackson

LS Teacher
B.A., Arizona State University, Philosophy
M.Ed., Arizona State University, Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Instruction

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Sasha Eden

LS Teacher
B.A., University of Arizona, Elementary Education
M.Ed. Northern Arizona University, Early Childhood Education

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Kelli Newsome

LS Teacher
B.A., California State University of Northridge, Child Development

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Claire Tyra

LS Teacher
B.A., Northern Arizona University, Sociology
M.A., Northern Arizona University, Elementary Education