Second Grade

In the second grade program, geography and culture abound! Flat Friends travel the world, visiting friends and relatives, while documenting their travels through emails, pictures, journals, and postcards. Students study the seven continents, learning about the people, cultures, geography, plants, and animals of other countries.

Second graders hone their reading comprehension skills through the use of textbooks and other literature that is integrated with the social studies program. Students also prepare and present book reports throughout the year. Students practice and refine their writing skills by authoring original stories, editing, and learning to apply correct grammar, punctuation and spelling skills. Learning to read and write in cursive is an exciting second-grade milestone for many children.

Through Cognitively Guided Instruction, children develop their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as they are exposed to a myriad of mathematical concepts. Students build an understanding of the base-ten number system to 1,000 by studying the structure of 1,000 and using a base-ten context to represent the place value of two-digit and three-digit numbers. They investigate the properties of multiplication and division, and develop strategies for solving multiplication and division problems. Second graders also analyze number sequences and make, read, and compare line graphs that show a relationship between two variables in situations of change over time. They collect, represent, describe, and interpret data. By the end of second grade, students also delve into the concepts of geometry and measurement.

Second Grade

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Kat Burrell

LS Teaching Assistant
B.A. Fordham University, Political Science

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Cindy Davis

LS Teacher
B.S., University of Illinois, Education

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Diane Ingold

LS Teacher
B.A., Arizona State University, Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education
M.Ed., Arizona State University, Education

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Teeraya Tomlin

LS Teaching Assistant
B.A., Silapakorn University, Archaeology
M.A., Bangkok University, Communications
M.A.I.A., Ohio University, International Studies