Third Grade

Third grade is a year filled with cross-curricular activities which center around themes such as Greek mythology, city investigations, and the creation of LEGO City.  Students focus on assuming increased responsibility for their learning and developing greater organization skills, while being challenged to expand their higher-order thinking abilities.  Cooperative learning is utilized to enhance student understanding, help children develop social skills, and support community building. 

Through literature studies, children move from learning to read, to reading to learn.  The children meet weekly with their First Grade Reading Buddies to practice their reading and to build relationships within the community.  Students utilize all steps of the writing process during Writer’s Workshop.  Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills are taught and practiced independently, and then integrated into written pieces.  Students also practice writing reflectively in their journals.

In math, students explore the importance of problem solving and communicating strategies in order to expand their mathematical thinking. The mastery of multiplication facts is a third grade expectation.

Third Grade

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Nichole Dawson

LS Teacher
B.A.E., Arizona State University, Early Childhood Education

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Gina Saltonstall

LS Teacher
B.A., University of Vermont
M.Ed., Seton Hall University, Elementary Education

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Tracy Sucato

LS Teacher
B.A., Ottawa University, Elementary Education
M.A., Northern Arizona University, Educational Leadership