Educational Technology

Phoenix Country Day School elementary educational technologyIn the Lower School, students gain an understanding of the roles that technology plays in our daily lives. They are encouraged in their exploration of technology and in developing ways to use technology to improve the world around them.

Beginning with a foundation which recognizes that technology can be fun and can help us in many ways, students in our younger grades find simple ways to use technology to help them design and create unique projects, as well as solve problems. Students gain an understanding that technology is not flawless and oftentimes needs input from people to work correctly. As students grow in our Lower School, they are able to identify technology problems and solve them efficiently, along with gaining an understanding that making mistakes is an important part of the process.

With an understanding that humans drive computers and technology, not the other way around, our older students begin to explain what they want the technology to do in a language that the computers comprehend. The idea that combinations of technologies working together can produce amazing products is reinforced, and with the introduction of electronics and 3D printing, projects become very intricate and utilize several technologies to produce unique and inventive ideas. Stressing the concept of empathy, our oldest students begin to create for others during the design process, and work to develop the ability to consider different perspectives in their designs.