Phoenix Country Day School elementary school library classesThe goals of the Lower School library are to enhance grade-level curriculum with age-appropriate literature and engaging learning activities and to provide students with resources for their studies and interests.  Children visit weekly with the Lower School librarian who reads stories with them to foster a love of books and literature.  Students learn about story elements while they participate in the stories by acting out scenes and interacting with puppets.  Beginning in first grade, the Junior Great Books program gives students many opportunities to interact with thought-provoking stories as they develop their reading, writing, oral communication, and critical-thinking skills.  Students also begin to develop their library and research skills as they work closely with the Lower School librarian on small-group research projects.  Learning to use reference resources such as The World Almanac and Alexandria, the library software system, is also an important component of the library curriculum in the later Lower School grade levels. The Lower School library circulates over 15,000 books every school year from a growing collection of more than 11,000 books.