Phoenix Country Day School preschool and elementary school music programThe Lower School Music program is designed to engage students in active learning to explore the nature of movement and sound through a repertoire of folk music and composed materials.  During music classes, students move, sing, speak, play, read, create, and listen. These experiences encourage young learners’ musical interests and expand their musical knowledge.  As their cognitive abilities develop, students learn to read music and begin to develop a vocabulary to describe the music they hear.  Students are exposed to music from a wide variety of styles and cultures to help develop their appreciation for the many ways in which music is expressed and enjoyed.  Essential components in the music program include (1) an emphasis on acquiring the skills necessary to perform a variety of musical activities, (2) experience with the essential elements of music:  rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expressive qualities, (3) the development of aesthetic judgment through analytical and critical thinking, and (4) shared musical experiences by the school and the community through demonstration and performance.