Physical Education

Phoenix Country Day School elementary swimming and physical education classesThe Lower School Physical Education curriculum promotes physical, social, and emotional development.  Along with learning fundamental movements, emphasis is placed on developing self-confidence, determination, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and the understanding of the value in leading a healthy, active lifestyle.  Basic movements are taught as skills and then enriched through a wide variety of games, sports, movement explorations, tumbling, and object-handling activities.  Games are used to develop coordination, agility, fair play, and proper social and emotional responses in competition.  A wide-range of team and individual sports are gradually introduced into the curriculum, and activities are taught according to the developmental needs and readiness of each grade-level.  Aquatics are also introduced through age-appropriate activities.  Students are taught American Red Cross water and safety skills in addition to continuous review, practice, and refinement of aquatic skills.  Students celebrate and showcase what they have learned in Physical Education in the fall during the Lower School Swim Exhibition and in the spring at the Lower School Track and Field Day.