Phoenix Country Day School elementary science classesThe Lower School Science curriculum provides age-appropriate opportunities for students in grades pre-kindergarten through fourth to develop the skills needed to understand and utilize the scientific process.  Learners participate in units of earth science, life science, and physical science.  Exploration is integrated to give students meaningful experience with science tools and measurement, along with a wide variety of materials specific to each area of study.  The hands-on curriculum helps students develop skills of observing, predicting, record keeping, comparing, communicating, analyzing, summarizing, and applying what is learned.  In addition to learning concepts and vocabulary through the discovery process, art, math, and language arts skills are integrated into learning experiences.  A variety of resources, including non-fiction and fiction books, internet resources, library references, science textbooks, and movies, are used to extend students’ understanding.  Students use notebooks to record observations and learn a variety of organizational strategies; notebooks are also utilized as reference tools and for reflecting on learning.  Field trips give children opportunities to see real-world applications of science and to meet experts.