7th Grade

In seventh grade, an overall spirit of serious learning through enjoyment prevails. Students not only develop a sense of accomplishment, but also a greater independence and the ability to be more confident, self-directed learners. Seventh graders are provided with endless opportunities to take charge of their learning and choices, and to also learn more about themselves and their personalities.  Through instruction that supports both emotional and academic development, students expand their skills to communicate effectively, develop a more accurate sense of how they are perceived, become better self-advocates, and increase their understanding of how each individual learns best.  

From learning what it means to be American, to exploring the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, to saying the Pledge of Allegiance with pride, to visiting Boston in May to experience first-hand the U.S. history they have studied, seventh graders make personal connections with social studies. Science is a lab-based class, in which students participate in various experiments and explore concepts related to elements, minerals, rocks, lithosphere, plate tectonics, evolution, weathering, erosion, fossils, and radiometric dating. Students also work with a classroom seismometer.

In English, students learn how to make their writing more specific and use quotes to support their reasoning, meanwhile practicing making personal and real world connections to literature. The seventh grade novels read contain primarily main characters of seventh grade-age to help students personally relate to what they read. Students utilize interactive notebooks as tools for learning and reflecting. Writing instruction is focused on the Six Traits of Writing, including idea development, organization, voice, fluency, word choice, and conventions. A vocabulary program helps students build their understanding and ability to use more challenging words.

The seventh grade math program enables students to connect math to the real world by engaging them in interesting topics of particular meaning to them. Math is told through and connected with images of the real world, and students develop an appreciation for math’s beauty, see how math resides within every subject and almost everything that they do; students come to view math as a beautiful and elegant way to make sense of the world.

Seventh Grade

Jennifer Cunningham's picture

Jennifer Cunningham

MS Latin and Spanish Teacher
B.A., University of Oklahoma, Classics
M.A., University of Georgia, Classics

Kavita Kukunoor's picture

Kavita Kukunoor

MS English Teacher
B.A., Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, English Literature and Psychology
M.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Communication
M.A., University of Connecticut, Marketing Communication

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Katie McKean

MS History Teacher
B.S., Bradley University, Advertising and Public Relations
M.A.T., Rockford College, Education

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Sean Newland

MS Physical Education Teacher, Intramural Program Coordinator
B.A., University of Phoenix, Psychology

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Liz Olson

MS Mathematics Teacher
B.A., Northwestern University, Economics
M.C., Arizona State University, Counseling