8th Grade

Eighth graders experience a year filled with meaningful connections. Students make deeper connections with their inner selves, to their surrounding local and global communities, and to new academic horizons across the bridge to the Upper School.  In placing the finishing touches upon the Middle School chapter of their lives, eighth graders begin to model a sense of self-reliance based upon real world experiences, critical thinking and individual expression. 

The class trip to Howland’s Landing at Catalina Island is the year’s signature event, as it integrates invaluable learning from all subject areas.  Action-packed with camping, snorkeling, kayaking, and team-building, the trip also connects directly with the study of oceanography in science class.  During the trip, students connect with themselves, others, and the environment, and engage in learning principles that mirror lessons at the very heart of the eighth grade program, which are: everything runs on energy; there is no waste in nature; biodiversity is good; everything is connected.

In English, students connect history and literature through the moral trials of Night and To Kill a Mockingbird, and find, develop, strengthen and celebrate their personal written voice via the commencement speech project. Creative writing, literary and text-supported analysis, and poetry writing genres are all practiced and supported through instruction that enables students to make meaningful connections to reading and writing.

Eighth graders take their math skills to new heights as they embrace mathematical instruction that challenges and inspires. The integration of TI-Nspire calculators into the math curriculum sharpens students’ mathematical edge.

Eighth Grade

Nicki Barber's picture

Nicki Barber

MS Math Teacher
B.S., Brown University, Psychology

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Sheila Marks

MS History Teacher
B.A., Eastern Illinois University, History
M.A.T., Boston College, History

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Brian Mensinger

MS English Teacher
B.A., University of Illinois, English
M.A., Northwestern University, Literature

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Hallie Mueller

MS Art Teacher
B.A., Bowdoin College, Visual Art