Academics in the Upper School

The Phoenix Country Day School Upper School prides itself on being an engaging and challenging academic environment.  Students take a wide range of core courses in each academic department, as well multiple innovative, topical electives in a variety of disciplines.  In sum, these experiences allow our graduates to be both broad in their knowledge base, as well as deeply invested in their academic passions. 

In our ongoing work to provide innovative, relevant, and demanding academic options, the Phoenix Country Day School curriculum is fluid and ever-changing, particularly in its elective options.  New coursework is made available to students each year that challenges and engages them at the deepest possible levels.  Additionally, the curriculum provides ample flexibility and choice, ensuring that two students in any given graduating class rarely experience the same coursework throughout their Upper School careers.  Students have the opportunity to dive deeply into academic passions, pursuing multiple classes in a given semester or school year from any discipline. 

In short, the Upper School curriculum produces graduates who are exceedingly prepared for the rigors of the best colleges and universities in the world.  Developing the ability to communicate, research, write, create masterful works of art, and tackle the most challenging mathematical, scientific, or social problems enables our graduates to succeed not only in college, but in life beyond academia.  For a better understanding of our expectations of Phoenix Country Day School graduates, please refer to the Portrait of an Upper School Graduate

To learn more about the Phoenix Country Day School graduation requirements, academic policies, and course offerings, please consult the Upper School Course Catalog.