Upper School: Faculty Profiles


Nathan Lewis's picture

Nathan Lewis

US Art Teacher
B.F.A, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Sculpture
M.F.A., Arizona State University, Sculpture

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Hallie Mueller

MS Art Teacher
B.A., Bowdoin College, Visual Art

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Lisa Tolentino

US Art Teacher
B.S., University of California, San Diego, Computer Science
M.A., University of California, San Diego, Contemporary Music, Percussion Performance
Ph.D., Arizona State University, Media Arts and Sciences


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Kai Etheridge

Athletic Trainer
M.S., A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Health Sciences, Sports Health Care
B.S., State University of New York at Cortland, Physical Education

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Bob Kosower

Associate Director of Athletics
B.S., Bowling Green State University/St. Cloud State University, Physical Education and Health
M.A., Arizona State University, Secondary Education

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Shane Lewis

Director of Athletics
B.A., University of Southern Maine, Business
M.Ed., Plymouth State University, Secondary Education and Athletic Administration

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Gabi Ragsdale

US Administrative Assistant

College Counseling

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Becky Allison

College Counseling and Student Support
B.A., Wellesley College, History of Art
B.A., M. A., University of California, Berkeley, History
Ph.D., Arizona State University, History

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Barb Bzdak

Registrar / College Counselor
B.S. Northern Arizona University, Interdisciplinary Studies

Meg Hathaway

Assistant Director of College Counseling
B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill, Journalism and Mass Communication
M.Ed., Vanderbilt University/Peabody College, Human Development Counseling

Patrick McHonett's picture

Patrick McHonett

Associate Head of School
B.A., Claremont McKenna College, Literature
M.Ed., Arizona State University, Education, Supervision and Leadership


Katharine Halsey's picture

Katharine Halsey

US Counselor
B.S., Carleton College, Art History
M.S.W., Southern Connecticut State University


Andrea Avery's picture

Andrea Avery

US English Teacher
B.A., Arizona State University, Music
M.F.A., Arizona State University, Creative Writing

Keith Burns's picture

Keith Burns

US Drama and English Teacher
B.A., Pepperdine University, Theatre Arts

Michael Gordon-Smith's picture

Michael Gordon-Smith

US English Teacher
B.A., Brigham Young University, English
M.A., Brigham Young University, English
Ph.D., Emory University, English

David Kaye's picture

David Kaye

US English Teacher
B.A., University of Chicago
M.A., Northwestern University, English Literature

Courtney Rath

US English Teacher


Alli Booth's picture

Alli Booth

History, Director of Diversity
B.A., College of the Holy Cross, Classics, Women’s and Gender Studies, 2008
M.Ed., Harvard University, Mind, Brain, and Education, 2012

Matt Guthrie's picture

Matt Guthrie

History Department Chair, US History and English Teacher
B.A., Ottawa University, History

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Dave Martin

US History Teacher
B.A., University of Northern Colorado, History
M.A., William & Mary, Early American History
M.Ed., Arizona State University, Secondary Education

Richard Rende's picture

Richard Rende

Director of Curriculum and Instruction
B.A., Yale University, Psychology
M.A., Wesleyan University, Psychology
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Human Development and Family Studies

Colin Reynolds's picture

Colin Reynolds

US History Teacher
B.A., Grinnell College
M.A., University of Chicago
Ph.D., Emory University


Ken Thommen's picture

Ken Thommen

US Librarian
B.A., Duke University, English
M.A., Arizona State University, English


Jacqui Goertz's picture

Jacqui Goertz

US Math Teacher
B.S., Wheaton College, Mathematics
M.A., Wheaton College, Education

Jeanel Hoagland's picture

Jeanel Hoagland

US Math Teacher
B.S., Pennsylvania State University, Mathematics Education
M.B.A., Temple University, Finance

Nick Klemp's picture

Nick Klemp

Upper School Faculty & Speech and Debate Coach
B.A., Arizona State University, Philosophy

Sue Mazzolini's picture

Sue Mazzolini

US Mathematics Teacher
B.S., Arizona State University, Biology
M.C., Arizona State University, Counseling and Gifted Education

Tammy O'Dea

US Math Teacher


Maurine Fleming's picture

Maurine Fleming

MS and US Strings and Orchestra Teacher
B.M., Arizona State University, Music Performance, Cello

David Rowe's picture

David Rowe

MS and US Band and Music Teacher
B.M., Julia Crane School of Music/State University of New York

Lisa Zima's picture

Lisa Zima

MS Music Teacher
B.A., University of Connecticut, Music
B.S., University of Connecticut, Music Education


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Lynetta Binger

US Science Teacher
B.S., The University of the South, Biology
M.S., University of Illinois
Ph.D., University of Illinois

Anne Duffy's picture

Anne Duffy

US Science Teacher
B.S., UC San Diego, Chemistry
M.S., UC San Diego, Chemistry
Ph.D., UC San Diego with San Diego State University, Mathematics and Science Education

Melinda Flores's picture

Melinda Flores

US Science Teacher
B.A., Yale University, History of Science and Medicine
M.A., St. Peter's College, Education

Eric Martell

US Science Teacher

Daniel McGill's picture

Daniel McGill

US Science Teacher
B.S., Brown University, Geology-Biology


Keith Burns's picture

Keith Burns

US Drama and English Teacher
B.A., Pepperdine University, Theatre Arts

Dale Nakagawa

Technical Theatre

World & Classical Languages

Robin Anderson's picture

Robin Anderson

World & Classical Languages Department Chair, US Latin Teacher
B.A., University of North Carolina, Asheville, Classics
Fulbright Scholar, American Academy in Rome, Classics
Postgraduate Studies, Duke University, Classics

Betty Bienert's picture

Betty Bienert

US Mandarin Teacher
B.A., Changchun University, English

Laurence Mills's picture

Laurence Mills

US French Teacher
Deug, Faculté de Droit of La Rochelle, Charente Maritime, France, Law
Licence, Université de Poitiers, Vienne, France, Private Law

Patty Pang's picture

Patty Pang

US Mandarin Teacher
US Mandarin Teacher
M.A., Arizona State University
B.A., Tamkang University, Taiwan

Meily Riehle's picture

Meily Riehle

US Spanish Teacher
B.A., Inter American University (Puerto Rico)
M.A., University of Phoenix