Summer Programs 9-12 Non-Credit Class Schedule 2017

Session 1: June 12 - June 23
Session 2: June 26 - July 7 (new this year: special July 4 program)
Session 3: July 10 - July 21
Classes meet Monday – Thursday. Friday K-8 attendees will choose from a variety of camp activities.

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• Numbers in parentheses indicate the targeted entering grades.
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8:00 - 9:15 am

1 2 3  Algebra I Preview (7-9)
Designed for students preparing to enter Algebra I in the fall, this course touches on the introductory topics of Algebra I, such as solving multi-step equations, simplifying algebraic expressions, graphing in the coordinate plane, linear functions and exponents. The course has a strong emphasis on teaching students to organize their written work. Applications of fractions and decimals are included.
Instructor: Jacqui Goertz
1      Algebra I Review (9-11)
Designed for students who have completed Algebra I and want to strengthen their understanding or revisit the course to prepare for Algebra II. The course reviews the central topics covered in Algebra I, such as factoring, quadratic functions, exponents, and rational functions, with a central focus on teaching students to organize their written work. Includes practice with fractions and decimals.
Instructor: Sue Mazzolini
    3  Filming TV Commercials (6-9)
Have you ever watched a TV commercial and said “I could do better than that”? In this class you’ll work in small groups to design, write, direct, film, and edit your own TV commercials, selling products of your own choosing, whether real or made-up.
Instructor: Brent Root
1 2 3  Games for the Mind and Body (6-9)
Fun with a purpose! Class time is used primarily to play games such as Taboo, Charades, Word Association, and other games of expression and quick thought to help students develop confidence, problem-solving abilities, verbal and physical expression, humor skills, social interactions, and more. Explore the importance of taking “safe risks,” accepting and celebrating mistakes, and expanding avenues of communication, all of which can be valuable life skills. It sounds serious, but is centered on fun and a lot of healthy game playing.
Instructor: Keith Burns
1 2 3  Grammar Time! (6-9)
Who says grammar has to be boring? This fast-paced refresher course will help students look at grammar in a whole new light. Students will create interactive notebooks, view video clips, and even examine song lyrics as they brush up on their grammar skills. Jingles and question and answer flow patterns will solidify parts of speech within each student as if by magic.
Instructor: Ian Hodor
  2    Model Rockets (6-9)
Ever wondered how rockets fly? Join this class and you’ll learn how to build, paint and launch solid fuel engine rockets that travel up to 1,000 feet in the air at speeds up to 400 mph!
Materials fee: $20
Instructor: Brent Root

9:20 - 10:35 am

1 2 3  Basketball (4-9)
Boys and girls have the opportunity to focus on improving skills, game strategies, and teamwork. Instruction is organized and managed by experienced coaches who utilize drills, small group activities, and scrimmages in order to make classes educational and fun. Each class takes place in the air-conditioned gym.
Instructor: Sean Newland
1 2    Diving (5-9)
Learn basic diving techniques from the side of the pool and then progress to the one-meter springboard. Class covers approach, hurdle, and dive techniques. Participants work on forward and backward jumps and dives, then move on to more advanced positions. Depending on skill level, participants may advance to incorporating somersaults and inward dives. No previous diving experience required, but students must be comfortable in deep water.
Instructor: Mikenna Mack
1 2    Fun with Geometry (7-9)
This project-based class will help students explore geometric topics and see that geometry patterns are all around us. Projects include creating 3D shapes like prisms and octahedrons with toothpicks and marshmallows, creating an “eyeball” from parabolic curves, and creating artistic designs using tessellations.
Instructor: Jacqui Goertz
  2 3  Lego Mindstorm Robotics (6-9)
In this class, you will design, build, and program robots that can navigate obstacle courses and respond to sensors. Once you master the basics of programming, you will compete in challenges such as The Maze, Dragster Races, The Hill Climb of Death, Slam Dunk Contest, Tug-o-War, and Battle Bots. Not recommended for the faint of heart!
Instructor: Brent Root
1 2    Photoshop Styles and Techniques (7-9)
Students will learn how to add effects to their digital photos. Photographs will be altered by making an image look vintage, applying color, creating multiple exposure, adding water effects, including text, creating 3D effects, changing eye color, and more.
Instructor: Krista Tomlin
1 2 3  Theater Improvisation (6-9)
This class offers instruction and practice in the skills needed for comedy improvisation. Listening, quick thinking, character development, and scene building techniques are developed through exercises, games, and improvisational scene work. Perfect for students with interest in the performing arts, this class also helps develop acting skills in addition to improvisation. No experience necessary.
Instructor: Keith Burns

10:40 - 11:55 am

1 2 3  Basketball (4-9)
Boys and girls have the opportunity to focus on improving skills, game strategies, and teamwork. Instruction is organized and managed by experienced coaches who utilize drills, small group activities, and scrimmages in order to make classes educational and fun. Each class takes place in the air-conditioned gym.
Instructor: Sean Newland
  2 3  Cardboard Challenge (6-9)
Armed with cardboard, duct tape, hot glue and imagination, students will create a cardboard arcade, following the inspiration of Caine’s Arcade (see YouTube).
Instructor: Brent Root
1 2    Digital Photography Introduction (6-9)
Students take photos using digital cameras, and then image the files using Adobe Photoshop on Apple computers. This class gives students the basic skills necessary to create, edit, and produce their own photographs for digital or print-based media. Also covered are the basic, most useful aspects of Photoshop for beginning photographers. Student’s own camera is helpful but not required. No prior experience required.
Instructor: Krista Tomlin
1      Introduction to Engineering Design (8-12)
Have fun learning the basics of programming in LabVIEW! LabVIEW is a very dynamic, graphical language that is easy to learn and fun to use. Build a program to monitor flight delays, design a vending machine, create a game and much more! Students should have a background in Algebra for this course.
Instructor: Sue Mazzolini
    3  Robotics with Boe-Bots (7-9)
Students create a robot using the Boe-Bot robotics kit. They learn how to wire basic electric circuits on their robots and program them in the BASIC programming language. Students initially program their robots to drive and then progress to utilizing sensors to create a more intelligent robot.
Instructor: Nicholas Currault
1 2 3  Wood Shop! (7-9)
Students will learn the basics of wood-working, safety protocols, use of tools, and construction as they create their own take-home piece of craftsmanship.
Instructor: Keith Burns
1 2 3  Writing: Powerful Communication (7-9)
Do you enjoy arguing? If you do, this course will provide you with the thinking and writing skills to formulate a well-formed and persuasive argument on any topic of your choice. Students will be able to establish a claim, evaluate and choose evidence from a text/media to support their claim, and use reasoning to tie their evidence back to their claim. Don’t miss out on making yourself heard through writing!
Instructor: Ian Hodor