In Memoriam

We cherish our memories of the following alumni who have passed on and we pay tribute to their contributions to the PCDS community and beyond.

Class of 1965
Jud Bright
Pete LaPrade
Zuss Zussman
Class of 1966
Bo Bright
Peter Koolish  

Class of 1967
Victor Feeney
Penne Francis
Class of 1968
Thomas Moote
Carter Mullen
Class of 1969
Bill Toll
Class of 1970
Marta Boutel
Tori Ellis
Kenneth Hamilton
George Rich
Jim Stanzel
Pat Talley

Class of 1971
Brooks Pickens
Bryan Sage

Class of 1972
Ted Bower
Peter Holland
Abigail Brown


Class of 1973
Joan Ray

Class of 1974
Andrew Fowler
James Grove
Richard Hodgdon
Maureen Zrike

Class of 1975
Donald Rawley
Evan Sage
Lissa Wales
Class of 1976
Herbert Hamilton
Class of 1977
Cathy Crockett
Stephanie (Mimi) Torrey
Class of 1978
Noelle Norris-Chase
Katherine DeLongy O’Connor
Class of 1979
David Hvidsten 
George Kokalis

Class of 1980
Douglas Dalgleish
Matthew Gregory

Class of 1981
Theresa Bernard
Gregg Hoffman

Class of 1982
Malcolm Clendenin
Julia Burgess Sullivan
John Spalding 

Class of 1983
Elizabeth Dalgleish MacKenzie

Class of 1985

Walter Heimlich
Class of 1988
Matt Fleck
Class of 1989
Brian Weiss 

Class of 1992
Matt Werner

Class of 1993
Jeanne Wilkins Siegel
Class of 2000
Andria Ligas
Class of 2001
Bryan Fastenberg

Class of 2007
Jake Swokowski
Class of 2008
Nina Warner

If you would like to make a donation to the school in memory of a classmate, you may contribute to the Annual Fund in his/her name here. Donations made in the name of Victor Feeney ’67 or Katie DeLongy O’Connor ’78 will be directed to their memorial endowments.

The Alumni Office is happy to share any information we have regarding alumni who have passed on. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about any particular alumnus or community member.

If you are aware of additional obituaries for members of the Phoenix Country Day School community who are not listed herein, we encourage you to email us and we will update our website and database accordingly. Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance.