More than 50 Years of THRIVING

PCDS Dedication ‘62

1961 PCDS breaks ground with $316,000.
Original Facilities: Main Classrooms, Study Hall, and Burch Hall.
Annual Fund begins.

1962 Annual Giving reaches $6,500.

1964 Dutcher Science Building is completed.

1965 PCDS graduates its first class.

First Graduating Class ‘65

1967 First Field Day is held. Now known as Blue & Gold Day.
The Alumni Association is established.

1969 Trustee Dr. Herbert J. “Tim” Louis gives money to establish the PCDS endowment.

1973 Bert Getz & Peter Wray provide funds for Aquacenter and tennis courts.

PCDS Football Team '60s

1976 Paul Schweikher establishes the College Counseling office.
Annual Giving reaches $150,000. 90% parent and 100% staff participation in the Annual Fund.

1977 The first capital campaign, The Pursuit of Excellence, raises $2,011,919 for buildings and endowment.

1978-79 Campus improvements include the Admin building, more lower school classrooms, and the Burch Hall extension of the dining hall.

Class of '77

1984 The New Challenge for Excellence campaign launches with a goal of $1.25M.

1985 Construction projects include the current gymnasium, Bean Mathematics and Computer Center, the music building and the Firestone Memorial building.

1987 The Rex Allison Teaching Chair is established.
Project Excellence begins.

1990 First Senior Speech is given.
PCDS Alumni Association establishes Distinguished Alumni award .

Daley Bridge

1991 The Army Corps of Engineers constructs wash and Daley Bridge.

1993 The Campaign for PCDS launches with a goal of $5M.
Improvements include Madden Hall Science Center, the new Middle School building, Loback Classroom, Pakis Science Center and Noyes Art Studios.

Campaign for New Facilities '90s

2000 The 40th Anniversary Campaign launches with a goal of $10M.

2003 The West Campus Capital Campaign launches with a goal of $10M.

2008 Campaign for New Facilities focuses on Lower and Middle Schools.

2011 PCDS celebrates its 50th anniversary.

2013 The first Bridge-the-Gap is held.

2014 THRIVE launches.