Najafi Gymnasium and Garvin Family Walk of Champions

Healthy Body
Healthy Mind

On October 23, 2015, exactly a year from when we kicked off the THRIVE Campaign, we opened our second major project – The Najafi Gymnasium and Garvin Family Walk of Champions. Our older gymnasium, now called Alumni Gymnasium, has served us well for almost 30 years, but campus planners identified the need for a second gym 25 years ago. It’s a simple question of math – everything has grown, from the size of the student body to an interest in competitive and recreational sports to a collective understanding of how critical physical activity is to overall wellness. We will be renovating Alumni Gymnasium and have recently added a second gym where the old pool was. The Najafi Gymnasium is a state-of-the-art facility in which all of our student-athletes will grow. In addition, the Garvin Family Walk of Champions runs between both gyms, highlighting our athletic success through the years.

At a time when many schools are forced to scale back on PE due to budget restraints, PCDS remains committed to daily physical education for our students, as well as team sports. In fact, over 80% of students grades 5-12 participate in at least one competitive sport per year. The lessons to be learned from competition include lessons in communication and teamwork, leadership and fair play. In addition to supporting our PE, recreational, and team sports activities, a new gym becomes the only spot on campus that can hold all members of our community. We have outgrown the current gym in every possible way. There are a variety of naming rights and sponsorships for these facilities. A contribution to the THRIVE Campaign will allow us to provide facilities that fulfill our promise of excellence.

While this project may be complete – and we highly encourage you to visit campus to see this truly incredible facility – we have a number of naming opportunities available at The Najafi Gymnasium and Garvin Family Walk of Champions.