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Board of Trustees

Charting a course for the future of the school

The Phoenix Country Day School Board of Trustees is the policy-making body of the institution and is responsible for its fiscal well-being, its philosophy and objectives, and the effective implementation of its policies.

The Board is comprised of 19 regular members and three ex officio members: the Head of School, the President of the Alumni Association, and the President of the Parents’ Association. In addition, the Board has active Advisory Trustees who may attend Board meetings and serve on standing committees.

Among the Board’s many responsibilities is the selection and hiring of the Head of School, who is in charge of the daily operation of the School. The Head of School is responsible to the Trustees for implementing the School’s Mission Statement and Statement of Objectives. The Trustees are available to the Head of School for encouragement, support, management perspective, and advice on governance issues.

The Board also has fiduciary responsibilities, which it fulfills by approving the School’s budget, approving major capital expenditures, and by ensuring the School’s fiscal well-being. The Board sets investment policies, approves insurance programs, and assesses the performance of the investment advisors. The Board identifies the means for funding student programs and support services and sets the goals for the annual fund campaign and major capital campaigns. Members of the Board also set the pace for individual donations and serve as the principal solicitors of major donations.

The PCDS Board of Trustees abides by the National Association of Independent Schools’ Principles of Good Practice.

Trustees' Standing Committees

The Board of Trustees has six standing committees. A Vice President, who sets the agenda and reports the committee's work at Board meetings, chairs each committee, with the exception of the Audit Committee, which is directed by an independent coordinator.

"Serving on the PCDS Board of Trustees carries with it the responsibility of stewardship. My colleagues and I are proud to contribute our time, skills, and energy to preserve the reputation and successes PCDS has achieved to date and support its continued growth and development into the future." – David Lewis
Board President
P'14, '16, '20, '23

Board of Trustees

David Lewis
Taylor Burke
Executive Vice President,
Vice President,
Committee on Trusteeship
Charles W. Shields
Vice President, Finance
Donna Johnson
Vice President, Advancement
Jordan Rose
Vice President, Facilities Planning
Darryl Berger
Vice President, Strategic Planning

Jawad Ahsan
Chris Ashby
Martin Felli
Theresa Gregory
Mercedes Liljegren
Tim Louis ‘81
Riad Nizam
Margaux Rosen
Julie Sabeeh
Tracy Schwimmer
Dan Silverman
Kiran Singh
Dave Stearns
Andrew Rodin*
Head of School
Tiffany Pondelik ‘00*
President, Alumni Association
Gwen Gorlin*
President, Parents’ Association
*ex officio

Advisory Trustees

Susan J. Bansak
Beverly Bradway
Daniel J. Donahoe III
Bennett Dorrance
Nick Firestone '84
Susan Garrity
Samuel Garvin
Bert Getz
Donald R. Loback
Nan P. Miller
Jahm Najafi
Ellie B. Nolan
Frederick M. Pakis
Nicholas J. Sakellariadis ‘69
Jonah Shacknai
Shoshana B. Tancer
Charlene Whitfill
Garth Wieger
Gay F. Wray