PCDS Distance Learning in Action

While the physical doors of Phoenix Country Day School are currently closed, school is definitely still in session. Our dedicated faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to prepare a curriculum that will emulate the in-classroom experience with new content for every class each day. This page showcases examples of Covid-19 Distance Learning in Action. Students continue to receive top-notch academics, personalized care, and support from teachers and counselors, as well as opportunities to connect with each other.

We would love to share with the PCDS community how our students are learning and collaborating with teachers and classmates from home. Please send your photos or video clips to Distance Learning in Action. Thank you!

Distance Learning in Action Videos

Academics at Home in Photos

First page of the PDF file: SeniorZoomPhoto_5520

3rd Graders Create Intergenerational Fairy Tales

Senior Stories, an intergenerational fairy tale writing project born from a partnership between Cadence Living and PCDS 3rd grade students, aims to leverage learning while creating priceless connections - particularly welcome in an era of challenging social isolation. Learn how to create your own story at Senior Stories.

Art Class is In! with Ms. Bloomston

Online PE with Coach Newland

Day 1                                    Day 2
Day 3                                    Day 4
Day 5                                    Day 6
Day 7                                    Day 8
Day 9                                   Day 10
Day 11                                 Day 12
Ball Handling Workout
Footwork Challenge
Ab Workout

From our Athletic Teams

Middle School Fun