Engage and interconnect ideas big and small.

The core of the PCDS experience is student learning. Whether learning to read or writing a novel, initial addition or complex variables, our students engage ideas across disciplines in order to form a deep understanding and broad base of knowledge.

Lower School

Grades Pre-k – 4

Middle School

Grades 5 – 8

Upper School

Grade 9 – 12

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students in the Lower School


students in the Middle School


students in the Upper School


of the Class of 2018 recognized by the National Merit Corporation


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Charlotte absolutely loves being in Pre-Kindergarten in the Lower School.

Her favorite experiences often occur through discovery and creation during Choice Time each morning.  Often, she visits the studio to work on a latest creation— a Fairy House— or to add pieces to her found art project.  Whether cultivating emerging reading, writing and math skills, or transitioning to classes in Spanish, Music, PE, or the D-Lab, every day is an adventure for Charlotte and her young classmates!


Class of 2019

When he joined PCDS as a four year old in Pre-K, Jakob just wouldn’t stop moving.  And, now as an upperclassman, he is on the run still.

From the Chemistry lab to the basketball court to practicing his cello with Ms. Fleming, his days are always active and exciting.  He is captain of the PCDS varsity basketball team and loves the competition and camaraderie with his Eagles teammates.  “Playing at PCDS has taught me so much about leadership and how to handle adversity,” Jakob says.  “I try to be the rock of the group and try not to be fazed by a challenge.”  Jakob is, indeed, a solid member of the PCDS student body, and deftly balances his academics with sports, music, and leadership on campus.