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Student-Centered Process

What we do…

The primary goal of the College Counseling Program is to help students make informed choices about which colleges and universities best suit their needs, abilities, and aspirations.

This process strives to:

  • empower students to assess themselves realistically,
  • speculate creatively about their futures,
  • refine their abilities to make choices,
  • assume responsibility,
  • prize their independence,
  • learn that risk and rejection are key parts of their emerging adult lives
  • make thoughtful choices.

How we do it…

While the college counselors are available to meet with and support the students and families of all PCDS students, the college selection process formally begins in the fall of junior year. During this time, students meet with the college counseling office in one-on-one meetings, as well as small groups of 8-10 students. These meetings continue throughout senior year.

Each interaction with the student throughout the process strives to identify characteristics of colleges that would best fit the student’s personal and academic aspirations, while cultivating an appropriate list of colleges and universities to which the student would apply for admission.

Students are personally counseled throughout their experience regarding their own academic and social progress toward college, creating a plan for succeeding in college admission standardized tests, identifying an appropriate list of colleges to which they intend to apply, presenting themselves honestly and positively in their applications, and, ultimately, choosing the right college for each student’s personal fit. Additionally, students and families are supported in the athletic recruitment process, applications to specialized programs or scholarships, and the financial aid process.