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Lower School

The Pathway to Learning

In a time when many schools are caught up in testing and rankings and have lost sight of the importance of play, PCDS embeds play into the entire Lower School program, via a developmentally appropriate practice and an environment that fosters high quality play.

Learning through play is fun, engaging, and creates connections and bonds. Children develop cognitive, social-emotional and physical skills through play. Neuroscience even points to the positive impact of play on the developing brain, not to mention language development. Play is multi-dimensional at PCDS, and examples are everywhere. Students have opportunities for solitary play and social play, both indoor and outdoor. They engage in dramatic play, construction-based play, representational play, raw material play, studio play, academic play, and discovery-based play. On the playground, they have Big Body play, sand play, equipment play, and construction play. Opportunities for play are structured and unstructured.

PE, Early and Often

Students need to move to learn, which is why Lower School students have PE 4-5 times per week, in addition to daily recess, to support their personal and physical wellness. Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds!