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Lower School
Signature Experiences

Connecting to ideas and each other

There are so many things that make the PCDS Lower School warm, supportive, and joyful. Our students' relationships with their amazing faculty and classmates create opportunities to learn about oneself and relationships with the surrounding world. By design, the Lower School prioritizes play, connectedness, and joy in learning in all that it undertakes along with their class trips, opportunities to explore, and academic growth.

Here is just a sampling of some of the many experiences that make the PCDS Lower School special:

Morning Greetings

Each morning, students are greeted upon arrival to campus. It's a chance to say hello, share a laugh, or provide subtle encouragement to make the day a great one. This simple act underscores a commonly held truth at PCDS: Every child is known and valued.


Community Meeting

Every Friday, the entire Lower School student and faculty body meets outside to start the day. The group participates in an activity, learns about a current issue or social lesson, or simply shares in a laugh and a song. Every Community Meeting ends the same: three mindful breaths, followed by the entire school declaring "We Wish You Well." It sets the day off on the perfect note!

Senior-Kindergarten Buddies

As the only Pre-k-12 independent school in the Valley, PCDS holds unique opportunities for mentorship among students. Chief among those is a time-honored tradition, Senior-Kindergarten Buddies. Each year, seniors connect with their kindergarten buddies by leading them into the First Friday ceremony, have ongoing, meaningful interactions throughout the year, capped by the Kindergarteners wishing the seniors well by gifting the students their yearbooks on Upper School Awards Day. These strong bonds create memories that last a lifetime and are a poignant reminder of the strength of our community.

Concert Performances

Over the course of the school year, Dr. G. and the Lower School students hold frequent musical performances-- in class, at Community Meeting, or for parents, grandparents and friends. From the Fall or Spring Concert to Arts Walk, these pubic performances showcase the talents of our students as well as help teach confidence and appreciation for all types of artistic expression.



4th Grade Ambassadors

 The Ambassador program aims to instill essential leadership skills and values in fourth-grade students, providing them with a solid foundation for personal growth and community engagement. Organized into committees, students work together to achieve a communal goal.

Ultimately, the program's purpose extends beyond the individual student, aiming to create a culture of collaboration and positive influence within the entire fourth-grade cohort. By fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership at an early age, the school hopes to contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals who will make meaningful contributions to their communities as they progress through their educational journey and into adulthood.