Middle School
Your Best Self

Know and appreciate yourself and others

At PCDS, we are deliberate about developing character, encouraging personal growth, guiding students to have self-awareness, exploring their self-perception, and understanding the role they play in being part of a community.

Students are supported through the Middle School advisory program, classroom observations, feedback from teachers, and a social-emotional learning course called "You and Others," or more affectionately, "Y.O."

With an age-appropriate approach, Middle School students take Y.O. in order to better understand themselves and to foster positive relationships with each other. The themes of trust, gratitude, empathy, community building, growth mindset, inclusion, resilience, and citizenship guide our Y.O. classes and dialogues. A particular focus is paid to factors that promote a healthy lifestyle, such as adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, practicing mindfulness, self-care, and self-compassion.

You and Others Topics

5th Grade

Introductions/Getting to know you
Team building
Gratitude log
Identity and groups we belong to
Personal and family values
Understanding and setting boundaries
Exploring power dynamics
Verbal and non-verbal communication
Empathy and multiple perspectives
Gender and gender identity
Positive self-talk and self compassion
Substance awareness
Sexuality education

6th Grade

Introductions/Getting to know you
Class trip preparation
Team building and rules of improv
Gratitude log
Friendship and bullying
Communication styles
Visible and invisible identities
Dialogue skills
Inclusive humor
Nutrition and body image
Digital Citizenship/Internet safety
Self-awareness and identity exploration
Understanding power dynamics
Impacts of privilege
Positive self-talk and self-compassion
Unconscience bias and internalized stereotypes
Stress and relaxation
Substance awareness
Gender empowerment
Gender identity and sexual orientation
Sexuality education

7th Grade

Introductions/Getting to know you
Team building
Stress and relaxation
Sexual harassment
Values clarification
Multiple Intelligence Theory
Personality traits/Communication styles
Body image
Digital citizenship/Internet safety
Substance education
Sexuality education
Evaluations of class and closing activities

8th Grade

Introductions/Getting to know you
Social dynamics/peer pressure
Effective communication
Class trip preparation
Team building
Social Media/Media Influence
Digital citizenship
Respecting racial differences
Respecting gender differences
Respecting sexual orientation differences
Respecting disabilities
Understanding power and privilege
Depression and suicide
Substance education
Sexuality education
Evaluation of class and closing activities

"We are proud to work at a school that prioritizes the social-emotional growth and well being of students. We enjoy connecting with our students on many levels and having meaningful conversations in and out of the classroom." – Michele Huskey and Duane Freeman,
Middle School counselors