Spring Semester Senior Choice

In this semester-long course students will write the first draft of a book. Participants will choose to write a book of poetry, a novel, a collection of stories, a hybrid or trans-genre work, a book of literary nonfiction or memoir, a graphic novel, or a form of their devising. The primary focus of the class will be to generate ideas and writings, as well as begin to consider revision at all scales—from word choice to structure across the entire manuscript. We will study book structures, organizations, patterns, and traditions by looking at dozens of books from many genres, time periods, and cultures. We will also consider the histories, resistances and alternatives to, and present realities of publishing—including gatekeeping, censorship, pathways, and barriers. The purpose of this course is to generate the complete first draft of a manuscript that the writer might choose to continue to revise and develop through a more advanced class, workshop, or independent study. (During fall semester we will likely participate in the NaNoWriMo (or modify it to fit your genre) during the month of November. During spring semester will likely participate in NaPoWriMo (or modify it to fit your genre) during the month of April.)