Junior and Senior Elective

This course introduces students to the dynamics existing between nation-states in the 21st century. The course shall cover topics such as sovereignty, diplomacy, rights, hegemony, globalization, the environment, and the use of both hard and soft power. Students will participate in a simulation program in which they represent the interests of a nation in negotiations with other nations (represented by other schools in the simulation) about a variety of salient issues. These negotiations will take place both on-line and face-to-face. The course will examine several theoretical bases of international relations, including, but not limited to, realism, neo-conservatism, neo-liberalism, and Marxism. Because it is impossible to understand international relations without a solid grounding in knowledge of the economic interactions between nations, the Washington Consensus, the WTO, and the protectionism/free trade debate will also be foci of discussion. Students will be evaluated through tests, papers, and participation. Because of the centrality of the simulation to the course, participation will form a relatively high proportion of the grade. Reading materials will include selections from periodical media.