Prerequisite: Biology and Chemistry

Biochemistry is, broadly, the study of chemical processes related to and occurring within living organisms.  More specifically, biochemistry examines the molecular structure-function relationship of the major biopolymers: DNA, RNA, and proteins.  According to the central dogma of biology, the flow of information within the cell starts with the genetic code as DNA and ends with proteins carrying out the functions associated with life.  Biochemical research seeks to utilize this information chain to gain greater understanding of the chemistry of the cell.  This course aims to advance the students' knowledge of the three biopolymers in terms of structure, function, characterization, and utilization for research purposes.  Lectures, readings, individual research, experimental design, and basic biochemical laboratory techniques will be featured.  Synthetic DNA design and purification, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), cell culture, protein production and purification, and enzyme functional studies are examples of techniques to be used.