Prerequisite:  Biology I

This course will expose students to Arizona’s vast wilderness, focusing on its wide array of wildlife. Many U.S. citizens are not aware that we are all owners of perhaps the greatest public land system in the world. We will walk through the history of this country’s public lands, exploring the creation of their protections as well as the problems we have encountered trying to preserve them. Students will learn how to implement mathematical models to represent and estimate characteristics of wildlife populations, pulling from their algebra skills as well as their knowledge of basic biology. They will see a real-world application for their algebra skill set by calculating carrying capacities, estimating population size and predicting population growth. They will participate in in-class debates about best practices for conservation and management, forcing them to confront and analyze the many facets of problems surrounding the current state of our lands’ and wildlife. Students will identify a conservation problem they feel passionate about and utilize social media and what they learned in this course to effect real change. In looking at the history of problems that faced our public lands in the past, they will be able to identify where the real threats lie today. We will spend time outdoors around our campus and take field trips to see firsthand where our incredible wildlife reside. We will spend at least one night camping to fully experience what it means to be a public land owner.