This course is designed to teach and reinforce new and previously learned language curriculum, complex grammar concepts, and essential vocabulary needed to elevate the comprehension and practical usage of the language. The five language skills of reading, listening, speaking, understanding, and writing in cultural context are studied and developed in greater depth. The expectation of this course is that the students will be well equipped to fine tune their language skills and continue to build a solid foundation for future language learning, which will lead to enhanced fluency. Oral work is evaluated on an ongoing basis to assure a consistent and proper use of the language. In writing, the students will develop skills required for composing essays, short stories, and other creative writing forms, which will fully encompass and help to develop newly acquired knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Additionally, emphasis is made to develop understanding through the reading and comprehension of short stories, folklore, and newspaper articles. Oral expression manifested in public speaking and debate is also practiced.  Listening skills are emphasized with special attention to the recognition of spoken words and expressions. Enhanced comprehension is an important skill and objective of this course and of the language learning process.