Chamber Ensemble is designed to provide students with a performance opportunity to study small group ensemble music. Various ensembles will be formed using the availability of string, woodwind, and piano students. Ensembles may include a string quartet, string trio, or any combination of instruments that fit within the students playing scope. Pianists may participate in Chamber Ensemble based on the availability of other instrumentalists to form piano-based ensembles. Students will continue their musical development in instrumental technique, music reading and comprehension skills, musicianship, style, critical thinking skills, and exposure to a variety of chamber music literature. This literature will include musical styles from Baroque to the Contemporary. Music theory is also studied at the level student is ready for. Grades are based upon teacher evaluations of playing tests, Smart Music, and written exams. Festivals, concerts, and off-campus performances are a part of this course. This may be taken as a full-year course (preferred), but may also be taken in either the fall or spring semester.