Research begins with curiosity—we wonder about things: how they work, what they
mean, how they come to be as they are—and research methods guide our inquiry
and structure our findings so that what we discover can be available for other
thinkers to engage, debate, and build upon. In this year-long senior elective, we
begin by discovering curiosities, surveying the field of what is already known, and
synthesizing our exploration into research questions. We will then explore various
arts-based research practices, both as a means of inquiring and as a way to share our
discoveries. Along the way, we will consider the ethical implications of research
broadly, and the affordances and limitations of arts-based methods in particular.

In spring term, each scholar will design and complete an inquiry project, working through the steps of the research process in conversation with colleagues. These capstone projects will be shared in some form with the community both inside and outside of PCDS.