Enrollment Form Uploader 2020-21

Families with multiple children enrolled: Each submission should only contain forms for one student.


  1. Download the necessary forms. Links are provided below if you haven't yet done so.
  2. Complete the forms as directed, being sure to include all required dates and signatures.
  3. Scan the completed forms as individual files.
    • PDF files are preferred but JPG and PNG files will also be accepted.
    • Renaming the file to include the student's name (LastFirst) and form type (e.g. SmithMary-physical.pdf) will greatly facilitate processing.
    • Preparing multi-page forms: If your scanning device or software does not support creation of a single file from multiple pages, https://docupub.com/pdfmerge is a simple, free online tool for combining multiple files into a single PDF file.
  4. Enter the required information below (denoted by *) to determine the appropriate forms for uploading.
    • Either parent's contact information may be provided.
  5. Choose the file(s) to be uploaded. Single or multiple forms may be uploaded at a time.
  6. Click Submit.
    There is no need to click Submit if no forms are being uploaded.

Verified form submissions will be indicated in SchoolForms Online after the April 1 posting of the Information Update.