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Outstanding Alumni of the Year

Celebrating the impact of esteemed PCDS alumni

Each year since 1990, the PCDS Alumni Association has named an Outstanding Alum or Alumni of the Year (see sidebar for a full list of past Alumni of the Year). These individuals have distinguished themselves in service to their communities, professional achievement, and commitment to PCDS. We are proud to announce that the 2024 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year is Augustine Gomez ’99.

On Friday, April 19, 2024, the Phoenix Country Day School Board of Trustees and Phoenix Country Day School Alumni Association proudly bestowed upon Augustine Gomez `99 the honor of Outstanding Alumnus of the Year.

Augustine served on the Alumni Board for a remarkable ten years, which included two full and productive terms as President. Among many noteworthy achievements in alumni engagement during his time as President, Augustine was the driver behind the launch of the Alumni IMPACT initiative, through which the Alumni Scholarship Fund was born. This program has had a significant impact on alumni philanthropy and fostered a culture of giving that is vital to the strength of a thriving independent school.

After graduating from PCDS, Augustine earned his BA in Philosophy from Arizona State University and his MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Arizona. As the first person in his family to have graduated from college, Augustine credits PCDS with changing the trajectory of his life.

A proud alumnus of the PCDS Project Excellence program, Augustine serves as a mentor to current Project Excellence students, many of whom will be the first in their families to attend college themselves. Augustine’s perseverance and community leadership are an inspiration to current PCDS students as well as alumni. Today, he is the Principal Partner and CEO of Vaulter - Real Estate Investments in Scottsdale, and is a National Council Member of the Urban Land Institute. In addition, as someone who understands the transformative power of scholarships, Augustine is committed to paying it forward, as exemplified by his personal generosity to the PCDS Alumni Scholarship Fund that he helped create. In doing so, he is setting the standard for other alumni to follow. 

Augustine Gomez epitomizes the virtues and goals that PCDS holds dear: we strive to matriculate students who love learning and pursue wisdom; use their talents and skills for the greater good; are adaptable, resilient, and responsible citizens in their local communities, their nation, and the world; and who engage in life with both honor and integrity. In recognition of all that he has done for Phoenix Country Day School and his remarkable professional accomplishments, Augustine Gomez `99 is a most worthy recipient of the Phoenix Country Day School Outstanding Alumnus of the Year award.


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