Alumni of the Year

Celebrating the impact of esteemed PCDS alumni

Each year, Phoenix Country Day School recognizes a particular member of its growing alumni base for his or her impact on the school and the world beyond (See sidebar for a full list of past Alumni of the Year). The 2018 Outstanding Alumni of the Year award recognized not just one person, but a central PCDS family for their generosity to the School and the Valley.

At a special ceremony during Alumni Spring Weekend, PCDS honored the five alumni members of the Louis Family: Carrie Louis Hulburd '77, Steven Louis '80, Timothy Louis '81, Madeline Louis '14, and Curt Louis '17.

The Louis family has been part of the PCDS community since the 1960s when their parents and grandparents, Julie and Dr. Herbert J. "Tim" Louis, helped put our young school in a far more solid position through Board of Trustees leadership and by seeding the PCDS endowment. The family has been instrumental in guiding the school over the generations, and PCDS is proud that it will soon count two more members of the Louis family as alumni, as well.

From that initial establishment of the PCDS endowment, to looking ahead to ensure that PCDS remains the top school in the Valley, the Louis Family has also established the Louis Family Society for Planned Giving, to encourage other families to keep PCDS in mind during their estate planning.

Congratulations to all of the members of the Louis family, and many thanks for their continued support of PCDS.

The Louis Family Impact

Many paths, one home

Before accepting the 2018 Outstanding Alumni of the Year award, Tim Louis '81 and Madeline Louis '14 spoke to the Upper School student body about their own winding journeys toward happiness and the importance of perseverance.

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