Give Back

Give back to the place that gave you a start.

PCDS continues to soar as a result of the generosity of generations of alumni and past families giving back to the school. From coming back to campus or attending national PCDS alumni events, to supporting each other through PCDS:Connect, or by donating to the Alumni Scholarship Fund, our alumni continue to create a legacy that will influence generations of PCDS students.

How Do I Give?

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MYTHYou're looking for gifts beyond my reach.
FACTEvery gift amount makes a difference!  We ask you to make an annual, recurring gift or pledge that's meaningful to you.  

Make a Generational IMPACT...


Receiving a scholarship to PCDS changed my life.  Now, as a parent of a PCDS student, my alma mater continues to support me, since without financial aid, it also wouldn't be possible for my son to attend the school.  The spirit of giving here opens doors for so many people in so many ways— thank you.
— Alumnus Gilbert Armenta, with son Nicholas, 7th Grade


Paying it Forward...


I am who I am today largely because of the educators and coaches I had as a student at PCDS.  Financial aid enabled me to attend PCDS, and I'm so thankful.  I have a sense of duty to give to the Alumni Scholarship Fund, and I hope that other alumni do as well.
— Alumna Sarah Nixon Wolfswinkel