Empathize, ideate, create, and inspire.

Whether using a canvas and brush or a trumpet on stage, PCDS students engage the arts in a variety of contexts, seeking to create new experiences to better know themselves and the human condition.

Visual Arts



At a Glance


of Middle School students play a musical instrument


Upper School students wrote and directed one-act plays this year


students are members of the Lower School Children's Choir

Interdisciplinary Studies


Dave Rowe

For over thirty years, Mr. Rowe has been inspiring his Jazz Band students to experience to what he refers as that exhilarating, heady feeling of when music just comes together. 

He certainly knows the feeling well, since he himself is a professional musician, holding positions of music director, handbell choir director, and organist outside of school. With an instructional style that is as equally loving as built on high expectations, Mr. Rowe instills within his students a commitment to their practice and love for jazz music. Mr. Rowe’s Jazz Band year after year consistently develops a rapport akin to no other. He compares his student groups to birds, making beautiful music together as they continually learn and develop concepts handed down from former generations.