Arts Walk & One-Act Plays


Arts Walk is the annual celebration of the visual, digital, and performing arts at Phoenix Country Day School.  Each spring, students, parents, and guests are treated to the sights, sounds, and experiences of our talented students across grade levels throughout campus. 

Covid offers many challenges to the arts this year: horns can’t play, choir can’t sing indoors, and VSL students don’t have printing presses or ceramic studios at home. Nonetheless, creativity always finds a way, and student art is thriving.

Please join us for a pared-down pandemic-version of Arts Walk 2021 – live and on campus!
Friday, May 14 from 5:00 - 9:00 PM


This year’s event will be unlike any other. We need YOU to help us keep it safe. Practice social distancing and wear your mask at all times. Arts Walk will be mostly outdoors this year. To support social distancing, we are asking families to make reservations: one-hour time slots for Arts Walk and one of two evenings for the One-Act Plays. (Use the same form link, below, for both.)
Additionally, for safety reasons, there will be no food at the event. However, on Friday, you will be able to grab a refreshing artisanal popsicle from the AZ Pops carts stationed at the exits as you head to your car!

Please bring your water bottle to make this an environmentally sustainable event.

Make reservations for Arts Walk and/or the One-Act Plays


LS Artwork: Lower School Courtyards, Garden, and Library
MS Artwork: Shepard Welcome Center, 5/6 Courtyard, 7/8 Courtyard
US Artwork: Shin Center, Arcosanti Gallery, Noyes Courtyard

LS Music: Video recordings in Lower School Courtyard
MS Strings, Band, Choir: Video recordings in 7/8 Courtyard
US Music: Live performances in Noyes Courtyard
Musical Theatre Dance: 8:00 PM, Outdoor stage, Location TBD
         (Friday night only)
One-Act Plays: 8:00 PM, Outdoor stage, Founders' Lawn
         (Friday and Saturday nights; additional reservations necessary)

LS Tech Projects: Lower School Courtyard
MS Tech Projects: 5/6 Courtyard
Sound Design I and II Projects: Noyes Courtyard
Student Films: Noyes Courtyard

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Lower and Middle School students will enter through the Shepard Welcome Center entrance. Upper School students enter through the pool parking lot.