Arts Walk


Arts Walk is the annual celebration of the visual, digital, and performing arts at Phoenix Country Day School.  Each spring, students, parents, and guests are treated to the sights, sounds, and experiences of our talented students across grade levels throughout campus. 

Please join us for Arts Walk 2019
Friday, May 3 from 5:30 - 9:00 PM

Performance Schedule:
 LS & MS Choir:   Lower School Courtyard
5:30:  US Strings:  Arcosanti Gallery, Outside Shin Entrance
6:45:  MS, JV, and Varsity Jazz Bands:  Noyes Courtyard, Upper School
7:45:  One-Act Plays / Faculty Play:  Dorrance Auditorium, Upper School
Ongoing:  Sound Design II & III Student Performances:  Sound Studio, Shin Center

Visual Displays:LS Artwork:  Lower School Courtyard, Garden, Playground, & Science Room
MS Artwork:  MS Art Classrooms, 5/6 Courtyard, & Shin Center
US Artwork:  Shin Center, Arcosanti Gallery

Digital Media:
Gaming Arcade (Coding as Art Projects):
 Shin Center
Interactive Spaces Installation:  Digital Media Lab, Shin Center
Computational Textiles:  Arcosanti Gallery, Outside Shin Entrance
Listening Stations (Sound Design III Projects):  Shin Center
Student Film Exhibition:  Biology lab, Shin Center

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